How did you hear about this position?

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How did you hear about this position?

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by horace , 2 years ago

How did you hear about this position? A question employers often ask but may not know the answer. Companies need to understand their target audience and what channels they use to find jobs. With social media, podcasts, blogs, and many other tools available, there are more opportunities than ever before for people to research a company before applying for an open position.

Reasons for this question

There are reasons why an employer might ask this question. The first reason is to understand how the applicant found out about the job. This can help employers better target their advertising and recruitment efforts. Another reason is to gauge whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the company. If most of the company's employees were sourced through referrals, the employer might be less likely to hire someone who found out about the job through a job board.

Job hunters should be prepared to answer this question, too. It's an excellent opportunity to showcase your research skills and share your channels to find a job opening. If you found the position through a friend or networking contact, mention that, too. Articulating how you learned about the job shows that you're proactive and interested in the opportunity.

How to Answer this question

The prime way to answer this question is to specify the source you found. For example, if you saw a job posting on LinkedIn, say that. If you heard about the position through a friend, mention their name. Being precise will help employers understand where they should advertise their jobs to reach suitable candidates.

No matter how you heard about the position, be sure to emphasize your interest and enthusiasm for the opportunity and explain why you're a good fit for the job. Thank the interviewer for their time and let them know that you're interested in learning more about the company and the role. Showing interest is always a positive thing, and it can help you stand out from the other candidates.