Is 30 too old to-learn programming?

by kody.wyman , in category: Education , 2 years ago

Is 30 too old to-learn programming?

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by mia.collins , 2 years ago

@kody.wyman Honestly, computer programming should not be considered as daunting as it sounds. Much like reading, writing, using, and explaining directions in a second language, computer programming is the backbone of so many different computer-related things. Not just the operating system, by itself, but every program, app, calculator, depends on some form of programming. The various terms for computer programming languages simply refers to the way “this program” applies computer capabilities. Each type of computer programming becomes its own version of using a computer. Some of the oldest and most well-known computer hackers would most likely be people who have been using various forms of programming languages spanning decades.

HTML coding that you learned to set up your old MySpace profile? People still use that programming language today. And since learning about computer hardware and software in my old high school classes, twenty years ago, the ways I was taught to search out specific computer parts to piece together a homemade computer has not changed much. Operating potential has skyrocketed, but the basics concepts are not o to exactly the same, but bigger than they initially started. And now, with blockchain becoming a dependable idea for future programmers, the shelf life for employment, and eventually self-employment, is much easier for computer programmers to see and accept as a possibility. What was once debated as a suitable career is now an integral part of technology, there is no denying that.