What are the basic pillars of OOPS?

by weston_dietrich , in category: Technology , 2 years ago

What are the basic pillars of OOPS?

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by mia.collins , 2 years ago

@weston_dietrich Fundamental pillars of OOPS and are as follows:


Hiding the sensitive data or the way of implementation, but revealing the necessary data to the end user.It limits the scope of variables, methods.Abstraction is to implement the security features in OOPS and so in application.


Encapsulation is the wrapping of data and data functions in a single block of codes. It contains the data definitions and behavior definition in a single block that is Class.


Inheritance provides flexibility features to OOPS. It allows a class to share its functions, variables to other classes and the classes that will be using the functions definitions and data variables of other class called child class, and this phenomenon is called Inheritance.


Polymorphism is a way to re-implement the methods in child-class or in a subclass that is already implemented in the parent class.It gives flexibility to an object to represent it and to use its many forms as per the function definitions in classes.