What are your weaknesses?


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What are your weaknesses?

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by weston_dietrich , 2 years ago

Answering the question, about your most significant flaw?" might be difficult. - particularly if you anticipate discussing your skills, strengths, and attributes that make you the ideal choice for the role. In addition, it can be challenging to phrase your limitations favourably. However, when you incorporate self-awareness with a strategy, you can instantly stand out from other job contenders.

Here are some suggestions of the ideal weaknesses to bring out during an interview:

I find it challenging to request help.

When you lack expertise in a particular role and whenever you are worn out or unable to execute your responsibilities, seeking assistance is a crucial ability. Understanding when and how to seek assistance indicates a degree of self-awareness and helps the company by preventing inefficiency.

Example: I have had trouble asking for assistance whenever I am supposed to because I prefer to take charge and do things without seeking assistance and love working swiftly." However, whenever I can't comprehend something or am swamped with work, I've realized that seeking help is much more helpful for both the company and me.

I also acknowledge that many specialists in my team have unique competencies that can allow me to develop in my work. As I continue to work on it, I have achieved more excellent work at the end of the support I've received.

I become distressed when projects take longer than anticipated.

If you think this is an interview weakness, base your answer on how precious timely work is and develop your ability to help better systems get things done more effectively.

Example: My major shortcoming is that I get anxious when tasks go past their deadlines." I'm a stickler for deadlines and become irritated if work isn't finished on time. To prevent this, I've begun to be more aggressive and concentrate on how I react to ensure that I'm motivating and fostering efficiency."