What is your current salary?


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What is your current salary?

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These are some kinds of questions employers could ask to see whether they can provide a comparable or better wage. They want to get a better sense of what a person with your level of expertise is capable of. It's a good way for companies to check your understanding of what they can provide by asking you this question. If your salary is much higher than theirs, they may even go so far as to admit it.

When Answering Inquiries about Your Current Wage, Use These Guidelines

Accepting a "no" as a response

If you'd prefer not to answer this interview question, consider these suggestions:

Know your legal rights. Employers may not be allowed to inquire about your current salary, depending on where you are looking for work.

Be kind and professional at all times. It's completely OK not to answer this question during an interview. Before bringing up the remuneration subject, state that you'd want to learn more about the position.

When in doubt, take a step back. Because it might be viewed as invasive and unprofessional, most employers avoid asking this question. Instead of asking about your desired salary based on your present work, there are many better methods for them to find out about it. A drastically different opportunity from your present employment may warrant a second look.

You've Decided to Respond, Now What?

When you're ready to answer this question in an interview, use these tips:

Please inquire as to why they believe this way. A good follow-up question after disclosing your wage is, "Why do you need to know this?" Using this information, you can decide whether they ask this inquiry for legitimate reasons.

Discuss your aims with one another. Although supplying this information may assist an employer in determining how much to pay you, you must make your career aspirations apparent during an interview. "While my present salary is $55,000, I am aiming to earn at least $70,000 in this new position because of the increased duties and credentials," you may state.