What is your personal mission statement?

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What is your personal mission statement?

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by rhea , 2 years ago

Visit a company's website and you are bound to find a mission statement. Schools, businesses, and leaders use mission statements to drive the purpose of their industry-related goals. Individuals can develop a personal mission statement to drive positive change in their own lives as well. When interviewing for a job, a common question is “What is your personal mission statement?” It is important to be prepared ahead of time to align your answer with the mission statement of the company you intend to work for.

Interviewers ask about prospective employees’ mission statements to see if their skills and desire to work for them align with their goals as a company. If they do, then the applicant may become more highly sought after. It is important for the applicant to do research ahead of time about the job they are applying for. Find out what the company’s mission statement is, and then create one that is aligned with it. Make sure to include this mission statement on your resume, and be prepared to fully explain how you intend to accomplish it in a personal way that reflects your own skills and personality traits.

When answering this question, applicants should be prepared to include in their response that they desire to grow and establish themselves as a team member that benefits the advancement of the company. Have examples prepared of how you can do that. Responses should only be a few sentences, and should demonstrate clear and concise support of the aligned mission statement.

Employers desire staff that are invested in the success of their organization. Having a personal mission statement ready at hand shows that you are committed to reaching goals using your personality traits and skills to excel. Mission statements aligned with prospective employers shows that you have a common and realistic path that benefits the goals of the workforce. If hired, consider posting your mission statement in your office or workspace for commitment, accountability, and productivity.