How do you feel about working weekends or late hours?


by fritz , in category: Common Job Roles , 2 years ago

How do you feel about working weekends or late hours?

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by rex_ruecker , 2 years ago

@fritz A report published by rent a car showed that 70% of Americans out of the 1000 people questioned, work at least one weekend a month. During job recruitment, candidates assess the salary, and other perks of the new job but overlook the hard questions. One of the questions asked is your availability to work on the weekends and holidays. Here is what you need to know about answering this question adequately.

Showing Flexibility

One of the things that employers are looking for when asking you whether you can work weekends and holidays is the flexibility of your schedule. You should say yes if you can work on the weekends and during the holidays. However, be careful not to mislead the employer into believing that you will always be available for some shifts when you know you won’t.

Honesty About Your Schedule

At the same time, you also have to be honest about your schedule if you cannot make it to work weekends. For example, you can explain to the employer that you have a child, coach your local soccer team, and other engagements that interfere with your availability to work on the weekends. As you explain your unavailability for the weekends and holidays, always remember to emphasize that you are very focused and efficient in your work. Let them know that you can get everything done by the close of business.

Confidence and Tact

Most people falter when answering this question because they feel like it could be a deal-breaker. However, employers value your honesty about the schedule more than the false assurance that you will be available. Articulate yourself tactfully and also confidently for the best outcome.

It is best to be straightforward and diplomatic about your availability when answering the question on working weekends during the interview process. As long as you assure the employer you can meet their expectations, you will get the job.