How do you handle non-performing affiliates or low-performing campaigns?

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How do you handle non-performing affiliates or low-performing campaigns?

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by jalon.vandervort , a year ago


When answering the question "How do you handle non-performing affiliates or low-performing campaigns?" in an interview, consider the following:

  1. Identify the problem: Start by identifying the root cause of the non-performance or low performance of the affiliate or campaign. This could involve looking at data such as click-through rates, conversion rates, or sales data.
  2. Communicate with the affiliate: Reach out to the non-performing affiliate and communicate your concerns about their performance. Ask them for their perspective on the issue and see if there are any underlying problems that they are facing.
  3. Offer assistance: If the affiliate is struggling, offer them assistance and resources to help them improve their performance. This could involve providing training, offering feedback on their marketing strategy, or giving them access to better tools or resources.
  4. Set expectations: Be clear about your expectations for the affiliate's performance and make sure that they understand what they need to do to meet those expectations.
  5. Monitor progress: Keep track of the affiliate's progress over time and continue to communicate with them regularly. If they are still struggling to improve their performance, consider ending the partnership or campaign and redirecting your resources elsewhere.
  6. Analyze the data: Review the data regularly to identify any patterns or trends that may be contributing to the non-performance or low performance. Use this information to adjust your strategy and improve future campaigns.

Overall, the key to handling non-performing affiliates or low-performing campaigns is to communicate clearly, offer support and resources, set expectations, monitor progress, and be prepared to make changes if necessary.