How do you prioritize your work?

by rosalinda , in category: Common Job Roles , 2 years ago

How do you prioritize your work?

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by norbert , 2 years ago

When engaging in any activity, one should be specific on the goal or the expected result. Specific helps ensure that you know what to do and when to achieve the goals. There are different ways that one can use to prioritize their work depending on the task being carried out. Prioritizing involves managing your time and allocating adequate time to activities based on their intensity. Whether it is an individual or group activity, proper time allocation will result in productivity.

To prioritize your work, you can write down the activities you intend to carry out within a given time frame, starting with the one that needs to be attended to first. Priority can also be given to a task that will take you the shortest time and those that take a lot of time assigned to come last. The importance of tasks also varies and should be considered when you are sure prioritizing where most important are handled first followed by the less important. When prioritizing work, ensure that you have consulted the involved individual. Instead, you can carry out the planning as a group where everybody will share their opinion leading to an agreement on what's best.

Some planners have been created virtually, and physical ones can select the best. These planners can plan for daily activities, weekly or even monthly. They are good in that they will help an individual track what has been done and what is remaining. Using a planner, it becomes effortless to assess the progress and check the rate of progression from the beginning. These planners also have reminders, and such spaces can be used to create reminders about urgent and essential activities. Accountability on some small activities becomes very easy and pushes an individual to hit the set daily, weekly, and monthly targets.