What are your career goals?

by weston_dietrich , in category: Common Job Roles , 2 years ago

What are your career goals?

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by fritz , 2 years ago

My quest to undertake robust and advanced studies in Information Technology requires hard work, aptitude, and determination. I believe that these attributes will allow me to undertake my last journey of education. Besides, these attributes will catapult me towards the challenging journey of pursuing my doctorate. Through education, I know I will learn new ideas that will enable me to keep abreast of things around me. My bid entails learning new things based on the ever-changing technology to solve problems. I believe that knowledge in Information Technology will enable me to implement my desires. Before joining a school, I thought I was not at par with things around me in academics. Having career goals is the most important thing for me because it guides me on what I should do in order to achieve my goals. I feel that no one can reach a destination without a road map. Therefore, I must navigate my ways in classes by undertaking a serious learning process to pass in a pleasing way. My career goal is to become a motivated individual to work towards my talents.

Through education framework embedded in Information Technology an area I have longed for; I believe I will be able to impact people's lives in different ways and solve some of the problems affecting the information technology sector. Moreover, getting a Master's Degree in Information Technology will advance my goals. Master's Degree in IT is my passion, and I have been working hard to get the knowledge that can play a role in solving problems affecting the IT sector. My career goals will not only assist me in figuring out how to come up with computer programs but also assist me in gaining more knowledge about new things in the IT sector. Technically I want my career goal to enhance my self-actualization.