What interests you in a marketing career?

by mia.collins , in category: Media , 2 years ago

What interests you in a marketing career?

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by fritz , 2 years ago

@mia.collins What are your interests in a marketing career? This can be tricky to answer in an interview, especially if you haven't thought about what you're most interested in. We will learn some tips for answering this question and making sure that it's clear why you think a marketing career is the best fit for you!

It would be best to think about what you're most interested in to answer this question. Think about what marketing fields you find valuable and exciting outside of your current job. Your interests don't have to be related to your current job! Marketing is a broad field that touches many different industries and topics. Take the time to think about what you're most interested in, so you can answer this question in an interview!

Look at what you're most curious about. Think about any topics or trends that you follow and keep up with. What are your favorite industries to read about? What are the current industry trends and developments you're following? Maybe you follow SEO trends, marketing tactics for online retailers, or how to market small businesses effectively. To answer this question, you have to know what you're most interested in. Make sure that you can articulate how your interest in this topic is beneficial when answering this question!

Think about what skills are required for a position related to your interest. If you're interested in sales, think about the skill sets needed for a sales position and highlight those qualities that will help you succeed in the role. This is important because some positions require specific educational backgrounds: business administration, marketing, or journalism, for example. Make sure you list out any experience you have and what skills it gave you. This will show that your interest in the position is a good fit.