Who was your favorite manager and why?


by rosa , in category: Common Job Roles , 2 years ago

Who was your favorite manager and why?

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by julio.mcglynn , 2 years ago

While being interviewed for a new position in the workplace there is a common question asked by interviewers. The question usually is about what your favorite manager you've had at a previous employer and why are they are your favorite. This does seem like an easy question to answer at first, however, it is not as simple as choosing a manager that was fun or easy to get along with, the interviewer is asking a deeper question to find out answers.

Many times this question is asked to see how the potential employee might see their higher-ups at the organization. A dead giveaway that a person doesn't work well with supervisors is if it takes a long time to give an answer or no answer at all, so always have a manager in the back of your mind when going into an interview. Another reason an interviewer may ask the question is to find out what type of manager you might work best with. If you mention a supervisor who focused on efficiency and hard work, this might show you are a supporter of these qualities. If a more laid-back type of supervisor is mentioned, it is safe to assume you work better with this type of supervisor.

While mentioning your favorite manager, be sure to never bring up negative experiences with other managers. Even if the story is completely true, sharing a negative story about your favorite manager could lead the interviewer to believe you are a negative worker. Only mention the best qualities of your favorite manager and always remain positive about the experiences. Also, remember to add in important tasks and other jobs that were completed under the direction of the manager, as this can help show a willingness to take orders and complete all requested tasks.