Can you explain your experience as a media buyer and the types of media you have worked with?

by alec.carroll , in category: Media , a year ago

Can you explain your experience as a media buyer and the types of media you have worked with?

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by saige.watsica , a year ago


Certainly. As a media buyer, I have had the opportunity to plan and execute media campaigns across a variety of platforms, including television, radio, print, digital, and out of home. My experience has ranged from buying local market radio and print ads, to national cable television and digital campaigns. I have also worked with a variety of media partners, including major television networks and publishers, digital ad networks, and out of home vendors. With each campaign, I strive to identify the most effective media mix for the client's goals, negotiating the best rates and placements possible while constantly monitoring and optimizing performance. Overall, my experience has given me a solid understanding of the media landscape and how to successfully navigate it to drive results for clients.


by bernard , a year ago


Sure, as a media buyer, I've had experience dealing with different types of media outlets, including television, radio, print, and digital. I've worked on campaigns ranging from local to national, and in multiple industries such as automotive, retail, and healthcare.

In terms of specific media types, I've purchased and managed placements on networks like NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as cable networks like CNN and ESPN. In radio, I've managed campaigns on both local and national radio stations. For print media, I've worked with newspapers and magazines, and for digital, I've purchased and managed programmatic ads on sites like Facebook, Google, and various ad exchanges.

Overall, my experience has taught me how to research and evaluate media outlets to determine which platforms would be most effective for reaching target audiences, negotiate rates and placements, manage budgets, and monitor campaign performance to ensure goals are being met.