What strategies do you use to keep students engaged and motivated during computer lessons?

by alberta_steuber , in category: Education , a year ago

What strategies do you use to keep students engaged and motivated during computer lessons?

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by kari_schaden , a year ago

@alberta_steuber As a computer teacher, it's important to keep students engaged and motivated during lessons since technology can sometimes be overwhelming or repetitive. One strategy I use is to incorporate interactive activities into the lesson plan. For example, I might start the lesson with a group discussion, or use online games or quizzes that tie into the topic. I also break up lengthy lectures by incorporating hands-on activities such as typing exercises, coding projects or multimedia presentations that challenge students to think creatively.

To keep students motivated, I encourage them to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios. I might demonstrate how a particular software or program can be used in a professional setting or show them examples of how the skills they are learning can be used in a variety of industries. Additionally, I try to tailor lessons to students' interests as much as possible. For example, if a student is interested in gaming, I might use game development as a theme for the lesson to keep them engaged.

Another strategy that I find effective is to provide students with regular feedback and recognition for their progress. I use a variety of assessment tools to monitor their learning and provide constructive feedback. I also recognize and reward students for their accomplishments, whether it's a certificate of completion or a verbal acknowledgement of a job well done. By following these strategies, I find that my students stay engaged, motivated and enthusiastic about their learning.